Friday, October 24, 2014

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Girl Tattoos - How to Find the Right Design For You

Veronika Kate - Gril Tattoos
If shows such as Miami Ink and L.A. Ink show us anything, it's that tattoos are not some passing fad. What once was a form of rebellion is now seen by many as an outward extension of who they are. Women today are becoming increasingly tattooed and searches on the net for girl tattoos have skyrocketed. Some tattoo studios (once called tattoo 'parlors) can even have a female to male ratio of 60% to 40%.

What drives a woman to get a tattoo? The most heard reason in studios is that they just broke up with someone. Some get their first ink after a divorce or other major change in their life such as losing a loved one, childbirth, marriage or even religion (think cross tattoos or The Virgin Mary). This is a practice that dates back thousands of years.  

What are women having done tattoo-wise? The most popular are typically flowers, tribal designs, butterflies, fairies and cartoons. These tattoos are also starting to get larger and more customized. There was a time when women usually "hid" something very small on their shoulder or ankle. Today popular spots include the small of the back, arms legs and even chests. Although, the ankle and shoulder are still tremendously popular locations...the tattoos are just larger. Typically being more stylish that men, women are more concerned about tattoos they want and where on their body to put it. Part of the tattoo artist's job is to help the client select a design or possible location that will accentuate a certain part or shape of the body.

Women also seem to be better than men when actually getting tattooed. Men like to think they are tough can take the pain. But when the needle hits their skin they pass out in the chair. Women, on the other hand anticipate the pain and will have a higher tolerance.

Have you been searching the internet looking for tattoo designs, a tattoo finder or more particularly girl tattoo art? Finding the right design can be downright exhausting. People with tattoos will tell you how long it takes to choose the right one. After all, they last forever and shouldn't be rushed. It could take 20-30 hours to find the right tattoo design, so don't get a tattoo on a whim or go with cute and trendy. A feminine tattoo should be unique and should speak about who you are and not copied from someone else.

If you are like most women, you have searched and searched for the right design; be it a cross tattoo, a floral tattoo or butterfly tattoo. You may have searched the internet, looked for a tattoo finder or even searched the books of your local tattoo studio. Take your time and try to visualize the type of tattoo you want before you get it. Try to find examples that resemble your idea to see what it may end up looking like. Never be tempted to 'just pick one off the wall'...never settle for less just because you can't make up your mind. The first half of 2008 shows the 5 most popular girl tattoos to be Traditional Japanese tattoos (koi fish, dragons, etc.), Traditional American tattoos (pin ups, classic cars, etc.), Floral tattoos, Anime (although I think this is a passing fad) and Indian / Hindu tattoo designs. Be careful, though, some designs can have totally different meanings than what you thought and can also be associated with particular cultural groups; such as gang tattoos.  Also be sure to have any foreign tattoos, such as Japanese lettering, translated before having them permanently affixed to your body! The estimate is that 25% of all translation in tattoo studio is wrong! There are tons of cases of people going to get a Japanese tattoo of "strong will" and the lettering actually spelling out "small fish" or something worse.

When getting a tattoo, remember that fads come and go, be aware of any regulations your employer may have against them and remember that having one removed can cost up to ten as much as the original tattoo!

People have said that getting a tattoo is like losing your virginity! The rush, the smell, even the pain are extremely memorable and intense. People even say that tattoos are addictive!

So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo and are looking to girl tattoos, remember to make it your own, consider the placement and above all...have fun.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Designing An Amazing Temporary Amazing 3D Tattoos

Tattoos sometimes can appear to be too hot....or maybe very not! Many times a similar tattoo is seen differently at both the ends of a spectrum by two different persons. These tattoo designs are really an art unto itself - extensively intricate and detailed than the logo designs, but are surely far less sophisticated than the designing of the original tattoo, which come in much larger shapes as well as designs.

Whether you wish to advertise your business or get some general public service message across, get some publicity for the sports event or try to build up some buzz around some topic, an intelligently designed tattoo is surely a fabulous sort of medium.

Today we will check on the ways of designing a temporary tattoo to help you convey your message which will sit firmly towards the "sizzling" end of the spectrum!

You must decide on the strategy

You must see that the temporary tattoo's design must aim to accomplish something....for the persons who would wear it and also for your business firm! Just think on the below mentioned temporary tattoo objectives which can work perfectly with your present branding:

1. Should be decorative

2. A bit humorous

3. Should assist the wearer to fully express himself

You must try to think something fresh (not just clipart)

Printing techniques and technology is now very much advanced than it was around 15 years back when the temporary tattoos just made their appearance. Now you can get a photographic quality and very good resolution tattoos which will stay great for 5-6 days. You must see that your unique temporary tattoo is easily identifiable from a distance to achieve a good level of powerful branding.

Just pop on your logo

While I would not recommend you to make your logo in any way the focus of your design, but you should anyway include it in the tattoo. Logos are also very important for doing branding on the kids tattoos- remember most of the kids can easily recognize those golden arches of the McDonalds for long long years before they actually can start reading and you can achieve the same with your unique logo. Once you finalize on the basic idea, just pop in your logo on the design. You should make the colors of your intricate tattoo work compliment your logo.

  • The Terminatress

Pick your jaw up off the floor, this blonde beauty's mechanical looking tat is one of the coolest 3d pieces we've ever seen. Do you think it hurts her chance with the lads? Do you think anything could hurt her chance with the lads? 

  • The Mayan

There must be deep meaning and symbolism going on in this design, and the artwork is beyond words! I wonder how sick he gets of people asking to touch it?

  • Anatomically Correct?

According to this guy's impressive side-piece, human beings are filled with psychedelic galactic landscapes. Perhaps he is just filled with LSD?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Tips on Cute Girl Tattoos 10 Awkward Tattoos on Boobs!

Many females started to get a tattoo inked on their body. In the last fifteen years, tattoos have grown from being a sign of rebelliousness and trouble to a state of popular acceptance as a hallmark of fashion. According to some recent polls, tattoo designs are still associated with men, although more and more women are getting into the art of tattooing! In the last five year, the propensity for tattoos has increased, and yes, a significant number of these are really cute girl tattoos!
For men, the best body areas for tattoo application are the chest, upper arms, back and shoulder, while girls tend to go for something a little more revealing. Before getting a tattoo, girls will usually consider where it looks best, and that goes well with it: an evening gown maybe, or a bikini, or even just casual khakis! Also, for the professional girls and women, tattoos should normally be where they can be hidden!

When looking for a creative cute girl tattoo, one of the most important factors to consider is on what part of the anatomy you want it! Usually, the cute girl tattoos look amazing on the back, between or on the shoulder blades, winding about the ankle or wrist, on the arm or on the thigh. Another tattoo spot is at the small of the back, where it can be shown off with a low cut swimsuit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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25 Places on Your Body to Get Tattoos

For tattoo lovers, no area is off limits. Much like a painter, the body becomes your canvas, and every part of your body is free to get the tattoo design of your choice. For those that love tattoos but have not yet decided on the best part of their body to get their next tat design, here is a list of the 25 best places to get a tattoo, as well as a few options for your next design.

1) Biceps/Upper Arm
Perhaps one of the most common places to get a tattoo, a variety of different designs can go on the bicep area. It is one of the most visible sections of your body (assuming you do not often wear long sleeves) and, more importantly, anything goes. Because the area is so easy to hide, it does not matter what tattoo design you choose. Flaming hearts, skulls, love for your mom - there is no limit to the artwork you choose.

2) Ankle

Ankles, especially on women (but fine for men) are a great place to get a tattoo. The key here is to choose a tattoo design that is small and easy to make out, like a star or a heart. If you choose something too complicated, it looks to others as though you have a skin color problem.

3) Wrist

One of the more popular tattoo designs these days is to get a bracelet inked on your arm. People like to switch their accessories all the time, but for those that simply like seeing some color on their wrists, this is a great place to get a design.

4) Lower Back

Yet another popular location with women, a tattoo on the lower back has gotten a bad rep of late, but it is still a great place to get a more intricate and symmetrical design, especially one that doesn't have a specific meaning. Tribal tattoos are most common, but Chinese lettering is very popular here.

5) Chest
For men, a tattoo on the chest can be anything. The chest is the place that most men get their larger tattoo designs - as well as an area of skin used as an extension for another piece of artwork that stretches across the entire body. For women, this is less often the case. Most often women place a small tattoo above the breast, rather than something more elaborate. Be careful what you get, as sagging can completely ruin a more elaborate design, and this is far more common on women than men.

6) Back of the Neck

Like the ankle, the back of the neck is a better place for a small tattoo design, as anything too gaudy could give the impression of being a skin discoloration. But the back of the neck is a good place for a star, a cross, and a variety of other symmetrical designs.

7) Belly Button

The belly button is one of the most unappreciated areas on the entire body. The same goes with body art, where the belly button can be decorated in multiple ways that are both sexy and artistic.

8) Wrist

The wrist is yet another area of the body that seems as though it should be used more than it is. Nearly everyone - both male and female - wear some type of bracelet on a daily basis. Most of the time that bracelet is only replaced when it is lost or broken. You can easily decorate your wrist area with a tattoo design, providing you with essentially a permanent bracelet that will never be lost and can always be added to.

9) Feet
Unlike the ankle, the foot is a great place for an elaborate design of your choosing. Most of the day you have socks on, and the skin color of your feet often doesn't match the tone of your legs, which see more sun. For that reason, your feet often stand out when they are bare already. So why not decorate them with an attractive piece of artwork that you can show off to others?

10) Fingers

You have the choice here between an elaborate design that covers an entire finger, or a smaller design that resembles a ring, much in the same way you can decorate your wrists with a bracelet. Full designs that cover an entire finger are often very intriguing, but be sure and check to see how they change the way your hands look before you complete one.

11) Shoulders

The shoulders are a great place for a tattoo design, especially one that is more decorative than an item (for example, more artistic than simply a skull or something more concrete). Shoulder tattoos often resemble the design style of those on the lower back, as both tend to have the same interesting artistic swing. Tribal tattoos are especially common.

12) Mons Pubis

Some women like to get a tattoo on the mons pubis, which is the small mound of skin just above the female genitals. There are several designs that can actually look quite good in this area, but be warned that getting inked there can be very painful.

13) Eyeballs

It happens. Some people enjoy getting a small tattoo on their eyeball. Let this be the last place you get a tattoo, as it is likely the most painful and there are very few designs that truly stand out on the soft tissue.

14) Buttocks

An incredibly smooth area that few people are going to see unless you let them? A great place for whatever tattoo you desire. The buttocks has a lot of skin is clearly visible, with few bumps that could mess up your design. If you have a specific design that you want more than anything and you are not sure if it will look good anywhere else, the buttocks is the way to go. This area is prone to sagging though, so if you needed an excuse to go to the gym, there you go.

15) Upper Back

Like the buttocks, the upper back has a great deal of skin and few bumps that can ruin your design. It also does not sag as much. But as is often the case with body art, when something is as visible as your upper back, it is usually a good idea to choose a tattoo design that is more symmetrical. The upper back is also a great place for words and phrases, should you be fond of that type of artwork.

16) Forearms

There are no special rules about forearm tattoos. Almost every design style seems to work, and rarely does any of the artwork look as though it is a skin discoloration. That said, they are quite visible, so you should make sure your workplace is okay with your ink.

17) Stomach

Your belly is a great canvas. It has a lot of skin, it is only visible when you want it to be, and when it expands from age/weight gain it usually does so in a fairly fluid manner, so that the design stretches with it.

18) Scrotum

Some men like to get tattoos on their scrotum. It can be painful and few people are going to see it, but hey - it's skin, and it's yours. Knock yourself out.

19) Love Handles

Often times the side of your stomach is used to expand other designs, such as those on your chest, back, or stomach. But the side of your body should not be overlooked, and your love handle area can easily fit its own design if you have something unique that will work there.

20) Hamstrings

The back of your leg tends to stay very fit as you age, so it is a good place to get tattoo designs if you are worried about sagging or stretching ruining the design. Tribal tattoo designs do not work as well here as they do in other areas, but you can still find several decent, more elaborate designs that fit well in this area.

21) Calves

Calves are a lot like the hamstrings, except there is less skin to fit the design, so it is usually better to keep these designs slightly more simple, unless you are planning on enveloping the entire leg. Some of the more fun designs seem on the calves include peacock feathers and Chinese watercolor.

22) Face

The most devout tattoo lovers use their entire body as their canvas, and the face is still a part of your body. If it wasn't for the stigma that is associated with those that get face tattoos, one could bet that they would be more common, but unfortunately face tattoos may make it hard to get a job or make a favorable first impression with someone more conservative. That said, don't forget that you can always create very small designs that fit well in these areas. Some people like to put a small star at the edge of their eyebrow, and these are not very gaudy and more socially acceptable.

23) Top of the Head

If you can commit to being bald, you can commit to a tattoo on your scalp. For many, the tattoo is an extension of one on the neck, but once again, it's still an area of canvas that is perfect for any type of body art.

24) Front of the Neck

One thing to avoid with any tattoo designs on the front of the neck - you want to make sure it does not blend with a chest tattoo and look as though it is some type of extensive body hair.

25) Perineum

The final place you can get inked is a place that not even your lovers might see. The perineum is the area of skin between your genitals and your anus - barely viewable even to those that are looking for it. Yet it is still an available patch of skin, and is a fun place to put a small tattoo that is a secret for only you to enjoy. This area is more visible on women than men, so women should be careful to put something that one can appreciate - such as a star, or something else cute and small - while men should make sure that they choose a tattoo design that will not look diseased, like a word or less elaborate drawing.

Your Body is Your Canvas
When it comes to tattoo designs, Every patch of skin on your entire body is yet another space that can be filled with the artwork of your choice. Despite what is outlined above, there are no rules for these areas. If you are passionate about a type of tattoo, and are certain it will not negatively affect your life - get it done. You have nothing to lose.

Monday, September 15, 2014

thala 55 title deal

Title Ready! But what Ajit
Says? Eagerly waiting
Gautham Vasudeva Menon Producer
A.m.rathanam sole satisfaction.
Because they said
The title willingly Dick
Ajith. Appuramenna?
Do we have arivittuvita ...?
Where the hero has put a speed brake.
'What's the hurry? And in a few
Pokattume day of 'appropriate
And the reason is crystal clear
When the 'Amen'
Return and they have become
"The current cinema fans
# I just sensationalism. The film's song
Let's get going on the launch ceremony. We
Now the title announces, media
Start to write about it.
Scattering of fans on both sides.
So with the rustle oynta,
Our film's song
I will launch a day
Is not it? A few days ago,
Declare 'gonna.
Even another fine advertisement
That parkkirare viyantarkalam

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